Tattoos by Paula Cruz

Paula Cruz was born in Barcelona in 1997 and she grew up between Catalonia and the Basque Country.

Since she was very young, her creative soul began to emerge and little by little she also started focusing on tattooing, fascinated by Tattoo culture and history.

At the same time, she joined a group of Viking historical recreation, of which she still is an active part, experiencing and learning daily about this great culture.

Paula is currently specialized in Nordic and Celtic Tattoos, using hand poke technique, a traditional technique with no electric tattoo machine involved.

Her designs are based on historical finds of the Viking age, with her personal twist and Dot-work technique.

Using original patterns of the era, she creates her own interpretation inspired by ancient stories, legends and Nordic mythology.

Runes are a great passion for her and she also designs personalized talismans.

We invite you to experience with Paula Cruz this ancient ritual and technique forged by a great history, symbolism and spirituality.


Meatshop Tattoo Passatge del Crèdit 8, 08002, Barcelona, Spain
Phone (+34) 937 974 777