Tattoos by Peter Madsen


As of December 1st, 2019, Peter Madsen, aka Peter Blackhand has moved on from Meatshop Tattoo, effectively retiring himself from the role of shop-owner, to focus on his own work as a tattoo artist, forest-maker and father.
He has left the company in the hands of the new owners, intending for them to continue the legacy of Meatshop Tattoo, that being a shop of dedication, passion and excellence, with a high level of service and care for the clients.

If you want to find Peter and his work, he has moved to
From there, you can find his pages and his contact-information, and of course his portfolio.

Meatshop Tattoo Passatge del Crèdit 8, 08002, Barcelona, Spain
Phone (+34) 937 974 777