Monday September 16th, 2013

As some of you might be aware of, the Meatshop has a Junior Apprentice named Frida. Frida is currently 16 years old so we don’t let her tattoo anything living (other than various fruits), but are focusing on honing her drawing skills on paper. This weekend she came by to receive a drawing lesson by one of our Senior Apprentices, Luciano, who is aggravatingly awesome at drawing with pens and pencils.

2013-09-13 17.36.48

Some of you may recognize Frida from various news outlets. She is one of the two girls who fell down due to a rusted handrail on Dronning Louises Bro in Copenhagen, rendering her paralysed from the waist down. This has obviously had a tremendous impact on her life, but damn it if she’s going to let it hold her back. She sought out Peter and well … you know the rest.

At Meatshop Tattoo we’re all fans of science fiction and the innovations inspired by the genre. We firmly believe that Frida will walk again in her lifetime – maybe with the help of mechanical legs, maybe through nano-technology or maybe some third option that we don’t have the capacity to imagine, ’cause after all we’re not engineers or scientists. We hope that when that day comes, Frida will have become an amazing artist and hopefully will want to stay with us as a part of the Meatshop.

2013-09-13 16.58.34

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