Booking fee announcement

Saturday January 25th, 2014

The following will not affect bookings confirmed before Sunday 26th of January 2014 midnight Danish time.

Dear potential and future clients.

The shop is growing and we’re getting busier by the day. To continue being able to give each tattoo the time and care it deserves we are therefore changing the booking process slightly.
Previously Meatshop Tattoo has asked for a deposit to be put down with every booking which was counted against the final price of the tattoo at the last session. This will not be the case for bookings made after the above date and time.

We are now charging a booking fee of 1000 DKK per project.

For all bookings confirmed after the above date and time you will be asked to put down 1000 DKK which will not be refunded. The fee covers materials, administration and the time your artist spends on your design.

If you are not able to afford the fee but would still like a tattoo, feel free to come by the shop on Saturdays where we welcome walk-ins on a first come first served-basis.
At times we may have openings available on weekdays. Please call the shop in advance to check if any artists are available on the given day: 50708004
Please note that Peter Madsen and Uffe Berenth will not be catering to walk-ins as they are currently booked three and seven months in advance respectively.

We look forward to adorning your bodies in 2014.

Best wishes,
Meatshop Tattoo

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