Booking Fees

Wednesday February 12th, 2014

Dear Clients,

At the end of January we announced that we were no longer taking deposits, but would instead charge a non-refundable fee for a set amount. During the time it has been in place we have received some very valid and constructive criticism which we have taken to heart.

We are grateful for your feedback and realize charging the same amount regardless of size and scope of the individual project is unfair. From now on the size of the booking fee will be determined according to the time needed to finish the project. When booking with us you will therefore be asked to put down either 500 DKK or 1000 DKK. 

This is what your booking fee covers:

  • Materials (needles, gloves, ink, disenfectants, office supplies, etc)
  • Time spent on the individual design (drawing and/or computer editing the actual motif, collecting reference material (online, from our own library, and in the real world), feedback on the design from other artists in the shop*)
  • Tea and coffee ad libitum throughout your session.
  • Your artist’s ability to focus on you and your tattoo. We employ a receptionist to greet clients when they arrive, as well as making coffee and taking inventory, ordering supplies and organizing cleaning of the entire shop. This means your artist won’t have to interrupt their work on you when a curious soul wanders into the shop to ask questions or see more of our work. The absence of interruptions (and responsibilities outside the studio) is vital for the artists to maintain the level of efficiency we pride ourselves in.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and critique. We hope to continue receiving feedback from the lovely lot of you.


Meatshop Crew

*Almost everyone tattooing at Meatshop has a background in other creative areas. Some of us have built special effects for movies and theatre, one is a classically trained artist, some have experience with smithing, leather and wood working, one is a photo model, others are also jewelrymakers and modelbuilders. We draw from this wealth of visual and practical knowledge every day and constantly strive to grow and develop our individual skill sets.

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