In Search of Sunshine

Wednesday November 18th, 2015

Migrating South for the Winter

A Danish poet once wrote, “To travel is to live.” You may have heard about him before; his name was H. C. Anderson, and while it’s debatable how much else we have in common with one of Denmark’s finest historical figures, we thoroughly agree with him on this particular point.

That’s why come January, we’ll be saying “so long!” to Copenhagen and relocating to beautiful Barcelona, Spain. Weary of winter, the goal is to soak up some sun and see yet another part of the world that we have yet to explore. Peter has already been on a reconnaissance mission, and we’ve fallen in love with the city.

Ongoing Tattoos in Scandinavia
Despite our wanderlust we are, however, very much aware of the commitments we have made to our Danish and Scandinavian clients. Rest assured that we intend to retain a presence in Copenhagen, and we are committed to honoring any and all agreements made with our current clients. Existing clients will take priority when we book in Copenhagen.

We invite those of you from elsewhere around the world to come visit us in Barcelona.

Get in touch via the contact form to request one or more sessions in Denmark or Spain. It’s possible to book with both Peter and Sean in both locations. More details to follow. Stay tuned!

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