Learn to love the Swastika – an event

Monday November 4th, 2013

In honor of renowned activist ManWoman’s lifelong quest to redeem the Swastika, Meatshop Tattoo is participating in the first annual “Learn to Love the Swastika Day” on the 13th of November – the first anniversary of ManWoman’s passing. This is a worldwide event with more than 190 body modifiers participating globally.

Many of you have probably picked up on the Meatshop’s love of Swastikas – an ancient symbol of love, light, and good luck – and seen us incorporate it into all kinds of tattoos. This November 13th we are opening our doors after hours and inviting you to come get a free swastika tattoo and support the cause.

To accommodate as many people as possible we’ve set up a few ground rules.

  1. First come, first served.
    We will put your name on a waiting list and as soon as a tattooist is available, you’ll be called into the studio.
    You may book in advance, but we cannot make specific appointments for set times as we want to keep a steady flow of clients coming into the studio.
  2. The design must be small and/or simple enough to complete in an hour or less (including workstation set-up).
    As a rule of thumb we will not do tattoos larger than 7 x 7 centimetres. Exceptions are up the individual artists; if they believe they can complete a larger task within the set timeframe they are welcome to do so.
  3. You must get this tattoo for the right reasons.
    We are participating in this event to help rid the swastika of the taint of National Socialism. We will not tattoo people who are racist and/or unegaliterian. If you do not agree with our views, please refrain from setting foot in our shop. We do not condone racism in any way, shape or form.

Shoot us an email at MeatshopTattoo@gmail.com with the heading Learn to love the Swastika booking if you’d like to secure a spot. We look forward to a night of tattooing in the name of a good cause.

You can read more about ManWoman here and more about the Swastika here. (Or try Googling it – it’s really quite fascinating)

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