Learn to love the Swastika – the aftermath

Monday November 25th, 2013

Two weeks later we finally found the time to update you all about the event.

First of all a heartfelt thank-you to all those who chose to participate in the first installment of the annual event Learn to love the Swastika Day! Over the course of the six hours the event ended up going for we tattooed more than 40 Swastikas on happy clients; even though we had brought in reinforcements in the form of Swedish tattooist Arti Om as well as Matt Kirk of Dot By Dot we did, however, not manage to tattoo every single participant.

We are sincerely moved by all the people who wanted to participate in the project and we are genuinely sad about not being able to send you all home with a swastika. It was, as you know, also our first attempt at organizing such an event, and we have certainly learned a thing or two about organization.

At Meatshop Tattoo we want to keep our promises; everyone booked for the Swastika event that did not receive a tattoo on the day are by default added to the waiting list for next year’s event. If you were booked for 2013, please confirm your booking for 2014 via email.

In 2014 we plan to schedule a full day for the event and hopefully break this year’s record.

Keep an eye on the website as well as our facebook page to see pictures of the many different swastikas, we had the honor of tattooing.

Lots of love,
Meatshop Crew

PS: We would love to collect as many articles and radio/tv spots about the event as possible. If you’ve seen us and/or the event mentioned in the Danish or foreign media we encourage you to send us an email with the heading Swastika News with a link to the article/feature (or a picture/scan in case of printed articles). Thank you in advance.

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