Meatshop Tattoo is attending Copenhagen Ink Festival

Friday April 19th, 2013


We are pleased to officially announce our participation at the Danish tattoo convention Copenhagen Ink Festival from the 9th to 11th of May 2013.

During the convention Peter will be working on two major pieces in his primary areas of expertise; Polynesian and Nordic. Michael the Titan’s upper body-piece will be polished off just in time for him to participate in the competition for Best Tribal.

Peter will also be tattooing Danish fashion guru, designer, and photographer Jim Lyngvild – who has sworn to never let anyone but Peter tattoo him ever again. They will continue to work on Jim’s soon-to-be full sleeves in Nordic style – the tattoo has already been featured in several Danish magazines, partly due to Peter’s experiments with tattooing gold into the tattoo.

Peter will have roughly two hours of free time every day for new customers.

Meatshop will also be featuring tattooist Jorn who specializes in realism and portraits. Jorn will have at least two full free days to work on new customers and is our primary color tattooist.

Our primary goal is to create an informative and inviting stand, and we prioritize being able to answer potential questions about your future tattoo projects and the art of tattooing in general. We look forward to welcoming you to our booth and hopefully putting some ink into your bodies.

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