Moving On

Wednesday September 9th, 2015

Dear everyone,

Meatshop Tattoo is relocating. After 11th of September you will no longer be able to visit us at our previous location Amagertorv 17. Instead we’ve found us a beautiful apartment, tucked away in the heart of Copenhagen, where we can work without being bothered by the hustle and bustle of Strøget – the city’s main shopping street – being right outside our windows.

After the 11th we are strictly appointment only. We are purposely not announcing our new address publicly in an effort to ensure a more peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for our clients and ourselves. All clients currently booked with Peter or Sean will receive an updated booking confirmation with the new address, as well as a map and guide to getting there. Some of you reading this will already have received an email from us regarding your upcoming sessions. Those of you who have not received an email yet may expect to do so within the next few days.

We’re extremely happy to be leaving the high street behind. We have enjoyed watching the world go by on busy summer days, but the noise from people and street performers alike coming through our windows is a nuisance we can no longer bear. Due to the shop’s location we have also been met with a growing amount of walk-in tattoo requests, but have had to send most of these away because a) we are not able to accommodate requests on short notice due to how far in advance both artists are booked, or b) the requests are for tattoo styles we simply don’t work in.

Pictures of the new studio will be made available shortly, and we look forward to welcoming our clients into our awesome new location. We hope it steals your hearts, just like it did ours.


Love and Light,

Meatshop Tattoo

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