New Year, New Meatshop

Thursday February 12th, 2015

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Dear clients, friends and followers.

Over the past year we’ve had the pleasure of working with alongside some very talented people at the Meatshop. We’ve been as much as 6 active artists at our busiest – not counting guest artists visiting from abroad – as well an apprentice and a shop manager. There were times when our 150 square metres felt cramped and we were tripping over clients and each other, but is has nevertheless been heaps of fun, and we wouldn’t have missed it for the world.
We will, however, be saying goodbye to three artists very soon – namely Phil and Joanna of The Antahkarana, and Aygul Bayanova.

Peter has long been devoted to treading a path leading to increasing artistic dedication. After much thought he has reached the conclusion that running a business with so many people involved is not beneficial to his overall goal of artistic development. There’s simply too many administrative tasks that eat up the time that would otherwise be spent immersed in the art of tattooing. At the end of 2014 it was therefore decided to change the current format of the Meatshop.

As luck would have it Phil and Joanna have been presented with the opportunity to open their own shop in the heart of Copenhagen! The hotel Urban House will be opening their doors soon and Aygul will be tattooing  alongside them out of the in-house studio Urban Art.

Phil, Joanna and Aygul are all immensely talented artists and have been great colleagues. We wish them all the best in their endeavour and look forward to seeing them thrive in a new environment.

You can contact them via email here and Meatshop will continue to showcase their work until March 1st. Any and all emails for them will be forwarded directly to their new work email:

Any tattoo sessions already scheduled are of course still valid and will be completed by the artist booked.

This means it’s no longer possible to book appointments with any of these artists through Meatshop Tattoo. It also means we will not be offering walk-in sessions to the same extent as before; they will be limited to days when our apprentice and/or visiting guest artists are available.

We are continually honoured and humbled by the amount of requests we receive from people wanting to be tattooed by us, and we look forward to creating a space even more conducive to our creativity and to welcome you all to a Meatshop characterized by equal parts serenity and chaotic creativity as well as an ever-increasing joy in our work.

Love and Light,
Peter, Uffe and Camilla

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